Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So many creative thoughts and ideas, so little resources; money, support & time.

I'm on the paper chase for more finance and in this economy; easier wished than achieved.
Regardless,everyday is another 24 hours to keep my visions and ambitions alive and well.
In preparation for the latest release of my site, which this time I tend to keep for awhile (being an artistic, I always wanna change something), I've expanded my web presence to include a myspace, two deviantArt accounts ( 360 & Nubian7, a twitter account and a few more blogs I will drop later.
WHY? Two reasons. 1) To further express my creativity in a number of unique ways that may capture the attention of those in the public domain besides friends and family.
2) Internet marketing is vast and very necessary for the promotion of projects, products and such with the intention to sell projects to those other than friends & family.
For me, I don't blog for the sake of blogging or twitter for the sake of twittering. There's still too much to do...time is of the essence and besides I've got to spend time with my wife and son and those friends and family!

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