Saturday, October 9, 2010

Living In da Black Age II Covers


The Joes always get it right!!!! Art Stars everywhere!!!!!!! During this 'BLACK AGE XIII" things will pop. The DuSable Museum leads in with a special presentation for the late female pioneer Jackie Ormes. Oct. 15th at Graham Crackers Comic book superstore Eric Battle L.A. Banks , N. Steven Harris, and Ashley Woods along with John Jennings will be doing a lunch hour signing courtesy of Onli Studios. Then Black Age Central is scheduled for a test run as the world's first Black Age store with the Friends of the Blackstone Library. The convention will be the day of Oct. 16th. Featuring Afua Richardson , Arie Monroe, Yaounde Olu and many more. We will have the producers of the DC Capital City Hip Hop Soul Festival Moon and Maceo in attendance with our theme of Celebrating Sustahs of the Black Age. Larry Stroman will be there too John Jennings will be doing a signing for Black Comix at the DuSable Museum. Etc. Etc. Indie today: Black Age Forever!!!!! (Reprinted Post from Turtel Onli off of the Forum

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