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The Charlie 'FAB' Goubile Interview / The 360BEYOND Show

Here is the first of many interviews of some of my favorites artists.  I became acquainted with CHARLIE ' FAB' GOUBILE's work on a site called BSH.  His style is very animation ready and I can't wait to see his work expand on t.v., movies and the web.

What were your earliest inspirations and influences that introduced you to art/comics/writing?
Before I got into comics I was really into cartoons and Japanese monster movies. I didn’t get into comic books until middle school.

And who are your influences now and what about them are inspiring?
Illustrators such as Jason Pearson, Brian Stelfreeze and Alberto Ruiz, guys who really have dynamic angels in their line work really influence me.

Of the influences that are artists, do you admire them as a fan or do you really study their style/expression?
I’m always reverse engineering the work of people I admire, to see how I can apply it to my own technique.

How important is it to study your art?
Its very important for me to do the science behind my art and find out what works and why.

What are some books that are on your personal shelf?
Well, my bookshelf is broken down into 2 categories, art books and graphic novels. The art section includes anime art books, human anatomy and photography books. The graphic novels includes books such as Pride of Baghdad, Old Man Logan, Kingdom Come and my personal favorite The Dark Knight Returns. 

Are there any titles that you are currently reading?
My schedule is bananas, so I rarely get a chance to read anything. Last year I tried to start reading regular books, mainly the classic books every human being should read in their lifetime, but that did not go along as plan. The Art of War has been bouncing around in my backpack for months now… lol.

When not doing commissions for clients or working on your personal projects, how do you keep your skills sharp?  For example, but not limited to: Advanced Art/Writing Classes, Doodling? Exercise?
I recently really started to do reference studies in my personal sketch book, I download pictures from online of models, animals etc., its cheaper than doing live drawing courses. It helps me to analyze the natural shape and movement of living things.

Self-expression and self-identity are closely related, if you have a nickname or unique name what does it mean to you and to others? And does that name reflect in anyway how you approach your art?
“Fab” was my alias when I was rapping back in the day. There was a point in my life where I had to decide weather I wanted to pursue a career in music or art, I choose art because I had been doing it longer. I decided to keep the name just because I thought it was kind of cool, and it also reminds me of a graffiti tag, and I draw allot of inspiration from graffiti as far as line and shape structure.

Give us a description of your Creative Lab or Studio where you work and how is the environment a co-creator or partner in ultimately what you create?
I basically claimed the extra room above the garage as my lab. It’s a pretty big room so even with my drafting desk, computer desk and bookcase it still looks empty. I really don’t spend allot of time in my lab because I have a 9 to 5, so I do most of my drawing at my Job… maybe I shouldn’t have said that lol.

If Art can save the world, then that makes the Artist a Superhero; and every Hero needs theme music.  Name the song or songs that you listen to for inspiration as you create?
Whenever I draw I always have hip hop instrumentals playing in the background. Some of my favorite producers are J-Dilla, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Madlib, Pete Rock and Black Milk to name a few.

What techniques & tools do you employ to bring ideas to life?  I use non-photo blue pencils, regular lead pencils, micron tech pens, black sharpies, kneaded eraser and clear grid ruler.

How would you describe your style or artistic technique?
I use a kinetic style of art, slightly exaggerating natural shapes, curves and movement. I use many of the same dynamic line structure as wild style graffiti, which is a big influence for my work.

Its been said that the difference between a professional and amateur/hobbyist is that a professional gets paid for what they do more often than not.  What was the tipping point where you transitioned from being a hobbyist to a professional?
I think its safe to say if you can pay your bills with your artwork, you are a pro.

In the beginning, what was the most challenging aspect of working freelance?
Definitely balancing my family life with my artistic life is the most challenging, I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of it.

How have you changed since, as they say, ‘Going Hard’ doing your art for pay?
Since there has been an slight increase of money coming in from my artwork, I have streamlined my production process to try to cut down on time.

What types of commissioned projects do you prefer to work on and why?
I like high paying commission projects….lol. I really like working on projects that are new and innovative, projects that don’t just look cool but have meaning behind it, projects that people can relate to on an emotional level.

Do you have set commission rates or are they negotiable on a project by project basis?
I’ve tried to set a standard rate for commission work, but it didn’t work, it all depends on the circumstances.

What really stimulates your imagination to the point where your ideas pour from your subconscious onto the paper and you look up when the flood is over and you’re like WOW!
Did I create that?  Give me an example of what that piece of art may have been.
If I’m really in the mood to draw and the environment is right, then I just get into the zone. A lot of times I find myself nodding my head and just getting into the groove of the music I got playing in the background. If my chi is really high I come up with some really ill work. A good example of this would be the “Krane Style” pinup I did for the Urban Shogun contest. It was like 4 in the morning and the house was dead quiet. I went into the lab, put on my headphones and was jamming out to some Pete Rock. It was magical.

Describe one gratifying moment, where a client was extremely satisfied with what you had created and how it had impacted them?
Can’t really tell you about that one, the project is still in development and I signed a confidentiality form, but it was very gratifying.


In terms of personal projects, what is the Flagship creative project for your company and how did you come up with the idea for the concept? 
Blackbird was my first real publication. It was an idea I had back in high school of an urban ninja type hero that I just dusted off and modified.

What are some of the most immediate follow-up projects?
Allot of things have changed for me since the completion of the Blackbird graphic novel and I had to readjust my plans and project for the future, but I got some very exciting stuff in the works.

Talk about the difficulties of being an independent artist and the hurdles you’ve overcome to produce and publish your own works.
As I said earlier, balancing of family and artwork is a hurdle I have yet to overcome.

If you had to choose which medium of expression to use for your stories / images which would it be comic book, graphic novel or animation or movie?
Definitely animation.

Here’s a fun question.  Name a mainstream project/character or an independent project and/or character that you’d love to work on or revamp and what would you do to put your twist on it?
Oh I like this question. I have 2, first would be Transformers, I’ve always been a fan since the 1980s animated movie, I actually have a pretty cool idea for a story. The second would be a Batman story, he is my favorite hero, can’t tell you what I would change because I might do some fan fiction one day.

For the independent artist, as one who does commissions and/or personal projects, how has technology affected the way you are able to do business or make progress on your art?  For example, but not limited to: Finding Clients? Artistic Collaboration? Getting work done?
As far as commissions, I get 99% of my work online, from big time to small projects. It is very important to get your work online so the right people can see it. Another way technology has effected my work is through artistic software such as Photoshop. I do all my work with pencil and/or pens, scan and import the picture into Photoshop where I do digital coloring. The digital coloring really takes your work to another level and the possibilities are endless.

About Merchandise, what types of products are you hoping to create or produce in the future?
I am definitely keeping merchandising in mind when it comes to my future projects, everything from toys to clothing and more.

Here are two questions about event presentations, conferences, fairs etc. 
What are the conferences that are on your yearly schedule to attend?
I am notorious for not attending any conventions. My family life and my 9-5 often conflict with me being a regular at the cons; plus it’s just not economically smart for me to purchase a table at conventions at this point in my career. When my artwork starts paying the bills, most definitely.

What advice do you give to aspiring artists of all mediums about the importance of events and how do you prepare to maximize your potential at these fairs?
Just be smart with your money, you don’t have to buy a table/booth. I would just hit the floor with a bag of my products, not to sell to fans, but to give away to possible investors or people with clout within the industry.

Artsentience (To recall details of what, when and where you were when you created the art piece.)
The image of BrotherMan.  
 Tell me about this image, who/what it is, what it means and take us back to the situations, feelings and times you experienced during its creation..
I drew this picture shortly after reading the throwback Brotherman comic books I had purchased from Dawud at ECBACC 08. I had been hearing about the Brotherman comic for a while in the underground scene and was blown away when I finally got a chance to read the books. Dawud is definitely a pioneer in the hip hop, animation and comic book fusion style that so many artist use now.

Also, The Mass Appeal bookcover
The Mass Appeal sketchbook cover you see was not my first choice actually. I was going to have a tough looking (but cute) girl in a school uniform holding a katana, but I saw that Khary Randalph had done a similar picture, so I decided to do a graffiti writer girl. 
On the idea of Art Imitates Life or Life Imitates Art, is the role of Art in human existence a catalyst for behavior and community building or is Art a mirror to reflect the world of what was and what is?
Life started first, and art was inspired by life, but every since then there has been a continuous loop of art and life imitating and influencing each other.

Due to budget cuts for schools, classes and after-school programs, primarily in black and Latino communities, the youth are not getting exposed or are exposed to very little physical education and the arts.  How important do you feel the arts are to the lives of the youth?
When you cut art programs out of schools, you get bad movies, bad albums etc. Art is vital to our survival, that’s why in every disaster movie where the world is going to end and a small group of people are being put together to be placed in a fallout bunker to survive the apocalypse, they always include an artist.

Whether it’s the concept of Six Degrees of Separation or Its A Small World, the culture or communities we belong to are smaller than outsiders know.  To bridge the gap between yourself and your peers, do you belong to any artist groups or forums, if so which ones?
I’m all over the internet: Facebook, Deviantart, forums and my blog of course.

Now to bridge the gap between your art and the public at large, give the name and address of your sites and forums where people can see your creativity and how people can get in contact with you for commissions and/or to follow your work?
Twitter: fabuccino

What impact would you like your art to make on the world?
A positive one.

What are your favorite quotes or philosophies of life that help you improve as a person or artist?
“Be water, my friend” –Bruce Lee

Is there anything else that you want the readers to know, feel free to elaborate.
Whatever you do, keep it FUNKY!
YEAH, so that's the first interview down. Thanks FAB for taking the time. I really appreciate it.

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