Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk Down Artist Alley @Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

I descended on The WIZARD WORLDCHICAGO COMIC COM 2011, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center this past weekend. This four day event was a spectacle of creativity from the creators, their creations to the fans who love them.  Yeah! Am I a Fanboy?  Naw, not to the extreme of some (you will never see me dressed up as a character) but I have loved comic books since age 7 (much like my son).  I am a lover of books, a writer of sci-fi stories (with a few projects on the way) and I love the comic art!! I used to draw and I imagine that if I had continued to hone that skill, I’d be almost if not just as good as the artists out there.  Needless to say, that is the first reason for my attending comic cons, the love of the art, to connect with the artists themselves and lastly, unlike some to see the famous actors/actresses. 

I begin my travels walking past the rows of constructed artistry. The beginning point is the autograph area where icons like Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Bruce Campbell (Army Of Darkness, Evil Dead) Ray Park (Darth Maul/Star Wars) Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe) and others meet & greet their fans. 

Next on the journey takes me through the Exhibitor’s Area where larger and smaller publishing companies display their latest comic book / graphic novel projects for public consumption  and promotion, as well as comic book stores from all over with their extremely discounted price on graphic novels (a perfect time to increase one’s library of comic literature). 

Up and until now, I’ve been snapping digital photos for my wife’s project, Chicago Radio (who’s with me) and trying to keep my son under moderate parental control as he gawks, screams and points at anything remotely interesting. (And let’s face it. It’s a large colorful, loud comic book convention, so everything is interesting). Passing fellow Con-goers, some dressing as outrageous characters and creatures, trying to mimic the very book covers of their favorite icons we finally make our way to Artist Alley.

Artist Alley is choked full of immensely creative artists, legendary and independent, that exhibit their art pieces for immediate sale; posters, sketchbooks and commissions, where you can ask for a specially illustrated comic piece for a price. From cartoonish to very realistically stylized images, one of the thoughts that likely run through your head is, “How did they get to be so good?”
The answer can be found in the idea of “Do what you love, and love what you do.”
It’s obvious that each artist has an undying passion for their art. 
Shawn Alleyne & C.Pharaoh
Some of the highlights for me were Shawn Alleyne (Pyroglyphics Studios) with his unique gritty and kinetic flavor, Jason Seiler with his unique caricatures, J.A. Sanderlin book author of Europa (Tate Publishing), , Bryan ‘Kaiser’ Tillman sequential artist, Yorli Huff, TerryHuddleston, Nnedi Okorafor, (Award Winning Author) with her new book Who FearsDeath (DAW Books),  Jim Cheung, Humberto Ramos, Art Baltarzar, Craig Cermak, Jeff Balke and Robert Atkins (Tsunami Studios).
J.A. Sanderlin
Bryan 'Kaiser' Tillman

Yorli Huff

Humberto Ramos

Terry Huddleston

Bill Sienkiewicz
If you are not familiar with any of the artists here, due click on their names and find their works. Who knows, you might become a fan and begin your own collection of comic books, graphic novels etc. That is if you haven’t already :).


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