Friday, March 2, 2007

..a little late but always on time!

First off, all praises due to the universal force of nature GOD, respect and libations to all the known and unknown ancestors, special acknowledgements to my holy trinity-the Elders who raised and sacrificed for me. I exist as the sum total of those that came before me..
Incredible amounts of love to my queen for putting up with me and for being the mother to my Legacy, my son.

It's taken a minute for me to get into this blogging thing. Of course, I've read them and responded, however my own wasn't necessarily a desire. However, there now is a need. Soon my website, will go live and the blog will help promote my services and concepts.

Respect due to my wife, Mahogany for really getting into blogging with and my cousin Ski for & You keep doing your thing and now I'm about to do mine!

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