Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Meaning of...

People have asked me what does 360BEYOND mean. I call it an artistic entity, more than a slick business name. It represents where I want to go. Like I said in About Me, I've had different manifestations. Some were Lyons Den and Eclipse. 360BEYOND was inspired by a cartoon. I said it..a cartoon. It was called Beast Wars, which was based on the old Transformers cartoons. Instead of turning into cars or machines, these Beasts would change into a stronger image of themselves by yelling "I AM TRANSFORMED!" I AM TRANSFORMED! For some reason, it sounded like an affirmation and declaration of self development and improvement. I felt that to Transform you had to understand where you were in your life 360degrees and then go beyond to reach your potential. Hence, 360BEYOND. In business, I say to clients, that my services will help them go "360 and beyond" towards their goals.

So there you have it. Inspired by a cartoon. Who knew?

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  1. Congratulations my King. Show the world your outstanding talents and "manifest the destiny" that has always awaited you.

    God loves you and so do we.

    Your Wife and Son