Monday, October 31, 2011

Spirituality In Creativity

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…” The Bible/King James Version.
The previous statement is one of many examples of the creation story that exists in many cultures throughout the world. What some of these stories have in common is the creation of something or someone.  Creation. The first true power can be defined as creativity.

Spirituality is a personal journey to experience connectivity or oneness with the world, nature, the unseen systems of life and people.  By being open to new possibilities, even those that are strange to us, we can find a greater understanding and appreciation for most things or events in our life.  Spirituality guides one to seek knowledge about the importance of what we encounter everyday, and hopefully makes us wiser to the fact that we have an important role to play, not only in our lives but others.  We are not living apart but a part of a greater whole.

As an artist, and I can only speak for myself, my creativity is spiritual and spirituality is creativity.  In my last post, Silence In Creativity, in regards I stated, “Self-centered in silence to find your unique voice and thoughts, to subdue immediate external noises and influences; to hear the gentle persuasion of new ideas and images to stimulate the imagination.”   

When I go there, go inward to that ‘zone’, I focus or meditate and I can feel myself open up, even as I detach myself in some respects, from the outside world. The thoughts that elude me, appear.  Concepts and ideas begin to form a much clearer picture than before. 

I can go on and on, but the point is I must create, express and share with others what I’ve done and what I know.  I find that whatever’s going on, going wrong or falling apart; creating brings me a certain level of peace and helps me recharge to deal with conflicts or just plain stress. Failing to create, failing to connect with that inner power of bringing order out of chaos, only makes me more despondent or stressed out. As one of many remedies I have for dealing with stress; the act of creating in some way, ranks up there with plain R&R (rest & relaxation). 

My creativity also brings me closer to those around me; whether its sharing what I’ve done, or assisting another in their creative endeavors, it connects me to those of a common spirit. Going to church is great for some, but put me at the African Festival Of The Arts, or brainstorming with a fellowship of artists or communing with a group as we do the knowledge about life in general and that feeling of connectivity that oneness increases tenfold. 

Art connects strangers from a thousands miles away, it uplifts the lonely and gives hope to the crestfallen; that creativity is a power far greater than the creator, it expands to reach beyond the artists’ imagination. Chicago artist, Kat ‘O Conner of Terra Mysterium wrote in her post “What Is Spiritual Art?” ….that All art can be considered spiritual, as it is a reflection of the artist, her nature, and the Divinity of her nature. That Divinity is a path that we all, in some way walk.  Sure, we may have different methods and beliefs but we all share an invisible thread of humanity.  As an artist, I hope that my art reflects who I am and who I hope to become. One that is closer to God, united with the Universe bonded in unison with those around me. Creativity strengthens me; create the world in 6 or 7 days? Not me but hopefully my creative energy and powers will strengthen, enlighten and entertain those who come in contact with each image or concept I create.   
Stay Creative.
- Pharaoh

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