Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heavy Inspiration: Dedication To Heavy D.

”I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left.” – Common / Be (Intro)

Dwight Arrington Myers aka Heavy D. Hip Hop artist, producer actor has passed away but he has left a legacy of creativity, talent and positivity. In an artistic culture, in a society where the negative or rather the abrasiveness of life is replayed, remixed, reviewed & regurgitated daily, there are not many artists who’s resume, who’s life reflects such abundance of positivity. All one has to do, is read the tweets or comments, listen to the words of those that Heavy D., the artist and man inspired. Kind and gracious words pour from the mouths of those that new him, as a person beyond just the confines of a recording artist. Of course, the man himself thanks to social media was able to tell the world in his own words. Describing himself, his Twitter bio spoke volumes: I have relentless optimism. Here are some of his thoughts/quotes from his Twitter account at!/heavyd :

“Never stop believing. Magic is just science we don't understand. Every original idea was considered insanity at first.”

“Back in the USA.. I love my life.. Only because I always have!!! BLESS UP!”

"Tribulation produces perseverance, perseverance builds character, character builds hope"

“I've learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.”

“No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.”

"When I win is not when I need a pat on the back. It's when I lose and I can hardly stand that I need you to praise me."

“Never give up!!!”

"Living one day at a time,enjoying one moment at a time and accepting hardships as the pathway to peace"

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations"


"Everyone is capable of Greatness....most people choose not to accept that fact..."

And there are many more at!/heavyd.

Unafraid of his talent, through hard work, respect and by tapping into his creative potential, he paved a way for his dreams and many others.  Incredible are his contributions to Hip Hop, to entertainment, to the world; from the boys on the block that grew up singing We Got Our Own Thang to the girls that he had Nuttin’ But Love for. He made great art and gave us, including me great memories.

What happens when you take control of your life, your thoughts, your actions, tap into your potential and breathe positivity into every aspect of your life?
Yes, you find your success but you also leave indelible impressions. 
You inspire others.
That’s a legacy. 
Sometimes life gets stressful and rough but its in those times when things get too heavy, we need hope to get us through the day.  Find what motivates you, what brings you ease and what uplifts you and then manifest your destiny. What your legacy will be is entirely up to you. Your life is power. Your life is magic. Give it meaning.
BE INSPIRED” – Heavy D. / November 8th 2011
R.I.P.  Dwight Arrington Myers (May 24, 1967 – November 8, 2011)

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